• The importance of illumination in your home

    Illumination plays an important role in the design and appearance of your home The illumination setting in your home is…

  • Very Mexican Architecture styles for your home

    We give you here some ideas to give a Mexican architecture touch to the design of your house. Mexican architecture…

  • Quality details make the difference

    Design a house is not an easy task, usually, the trend is focused on a general picture, not on small…

  • The cost of building in Playa del Carmen

    We will talk about the cost of building a property in Playa del Carmen, but not monetary cost but the…

  • Playa Buider playa del carmen

    Trends in beach house construction

    Stepped terraces The facades are the center of their environment, therefore, they must have the best composition that can be…

  • Stairs in construction and architecture, a very important element

    In the construction of a building, stairs are generally undervalued architectural elements. Sometimes they are considered as a second class…

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