• 5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer in the Riviera Maya

    For many of us, our home was no longer a place to retreat to after work. Covid-19 changed the dynamics…

  • Chukum Mayan millenary construction technique

    Used for centuries in the construction of housing in the Yucatan Peninsula area, Chukum, or “chucum water” is today a…

  • How to decorate your home in Nordic style for Christmas

    It seems that the nordic style is here to stay.  Since 2016 that this trend was at its peak until…

  • Tips you need to know for a sustainable kitchen

    Caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility. At Playa Builder, we are very aware of this and that’s why we…

  • What is the best patio furniture for your Riviera Maya home? 

    The combination of the cool breeze from the proximity to the ocean and the warmth of the Caribbean makes the…

  • 3 colors you should NOT use in your bedroom if you want to rest better in 2021

    Rest is an essential part for us to have good health. Unfortunately it is increasingly common to hear that you…

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