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Does your home smell?


You adapt to the smells around you

Either your brain adapts to smells and learns to ignore them or your senses become less sensitive to them, you probably can’t detect some of your stale smells in your home.

Even if you can’t detect them anymore you still can get rid of the most common smelly smells at home.

Pet odors

It’s very simple, if you have pets at home, then your home smells like pets.

While it can be really hard to ban this smell from your home a deep cleaning in your house can work wonders.

Vacuum and clean their cushions, wash them weekly. Vacuum all the tight spaces where the pet’s hair can accumulate.

But most importantly… clean the pets themselves.

Smelly Bedding

Just as pet odors, your bed will always have a smell.

All the dead skin and olis from your body will accumulate on your mattress and eventually cause one of those smelly smells.

You can’t toss your mattres in the washing machine but there are many ways to clean it and keep it without bad smells.


Even if your nose can’t detect this odor anymore, your eyes can.

Mustiness is caused by mildew and mold.

Do a careful inspection, from the darkest corner to the surface of every cardboard box or bookshelf.  If you find gray or white splotches anywhere, it’s probably mildew. If it’s fuzzy, it’s mold. 

Fridge and Freezer Grime

Your fridge helps you keep your food fresh, but you should help your fridge be fresh.

If your food starts to taste icky, then others can smell something icky too.

On time to time you should do a thorough cleaning of your fridge and freezer to avoid strange odors coming from them.

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