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Eco-friendly materials for construction

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We suggest you some of the eco-friendly materials that you can use in your construction

Nowadays, is important to take care of the environment and this can be implemented in a construction project.

You must know how to take advantage of the natural resources and waste that are generated daily to use as a less harmful alternative to the environment.

We leave you some ideas for you to implement at home. Maybe they will be useful to you:

Homemade paint can be used by mixing milk protein, lime, clay, and mineral pigment as durable, non-toxic biodegradable paint.

Panels made from sorghum and wheat crop residues can be used to replace the wood.

In the Mexican Caribbean, sargassum is generated seasonally on the shores of beaches. Sargassum blocks have been known to be made which turn out to be strong and light.

Similarly, in Mexico, a way has been found to reuse sugarcane bagasse ashes as corrosion-resistant concrete.

Glass is a material that, when recycled several times and reused, can be considered as a covering for furniture and walls.

There is a material known as “Jales” which is a brick of mining waste that can last up to 250 years, which is basically mining waste produced in the last 450 years.

Panels and tiles have been created from plastic bottle waste, also known as PET. They serve to give a good design and to isolate the sound.

In the same way, reinforced PET partitions have been produced with which it is possible to take advantage of around 4 thousand plastic bottles.

Another material that is used for construction is Hempcrete, which is a precast concrete piece that favors air and humidity circulation.

Finally, recycled cardboard has been used, for example, to build a cathedral after an earthquake in New Zealand.

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