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Image of a living room.

The living room is the most important room in the house because it spends a lot of time there. Here you relax, come, receive visits, and even work or study. If you want to renew your image for little money, pay attention to one of our suggestions. Shall we start?

The living room is the most important room in the house because it spends a lot of time there. If you want to renew your image for little money, create warm and cozy rooms, pay attention to one of our suggestions.

1. Sofas well places

When organizing the seating area, ten must be taken into account in a way that favors conversation and allows mobility between them. If the living room is spacious enough, place two sofas facing each other. They can be the same or different but, if they have the same seats, they will be better aesthetically. The distance between the two must be at least 150 cm.

2 A carpet for each environment

To visually differentiate parts of the room, try laying a rug. It is a simple and inexpensive alternative that will also add warmth to the composition. In this proposal, from Habitat, around mod. Infinite Stairway with geometric shapes, is organized in the seats and accessories.

3 Personalize the wall on the sofa

The most common recourse is to use tables, photographs and pictures, as in this House Doctor idea. Before doing so, define how you are going to distribute them, their color range, the size of the paintings, their colors and tones … You can also choose plants, shelves or letters with light.

4 Storage solutions to suit you 

The organization is essential in this space where you spend many hours and need a place for everything. Modular shelves like these, the Svalnäs model from Ikea, are an ideal option because they adapt to your needs and you have everything at hand. 

5 Bet on textiles 

The upholstery of the sofa, the curtains and the cushions are the main elements that dress the living room. If they share the same color range, as in this Sanderson suggestion available at Gancedo, you can fearlessly combine plain and patterned. Add a neutral touch to avoid overloading the environment, and you can also add color brush strokes on a neutral base

6 Find a focal point 

A single painting, like this large canvas, can become the focal point of the wall in this room. You can also add other more current decorative elements. In addition, the set will win whole with the appropriate textiles, as in this Texture proposal, which manages to animate a somewhat nondescript sofa. 

7 Minimum distances 

When furnishing the living room, you must respect some basic measures. The passage areas should be 80 cm and if there are cupboards or drawers, 100. If you are going to place a coffee table, between it and the sofas or armchairs there should be between 40 and 50 cm. If you are going to put a television, keep in mind that for every 10 inches, it should be left about 50 cm apart. 

8 Vinyls, an upward trend 

If you want to update your living area but you are on a very low budget, choose to decorate furniture and walls with decorative vinyl. They are easy to install, you can customize their designs and they also look good in almost any corner. Alphabet Vinyl, from Tenvinilo.com

Source: Mi Casa Revista

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