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Help your pet stay calm during fireworks

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Fireworks are used in celebrations around the planet for different reasons; the color combinations, the figures they can form and because they can be seen from several miles away. The main component of fireworks is gunpowder and it is this that causes its characteristic explosion. For a human being this explosion does not represent any risk, as long as a safe distance is maintained, but for pets they are frightening and disorienting sounds. Here are some of the ways experts suggest to help your pet relax and stop shaking with fear.

Prepare your pet

If you know that there will soon be a celebration where fireworks will be used, what you can do is expose your pet to these types of sounds so that they get used to it periodically and are not unexpectedly surprised. Playing loud sounds from recordings of fireworks or thunderstorms can help them get used to these types of stimuli.

Take them to their safe place

Keeping your pets in a room away from the noise and smells of gunpowder is what is sought with this method. It can be a bedroom or basement where its bed, its favorite toy and a blanket are located.

Maintain a relaxing environment

Being in the room with a human, having soothing background noises (music or sounds of quiet chattering on the TV), or air conditioning can help pets calm down.

“It can be very helpful during the socialization period for puppies and kittens to introduce them to many different environmental stimuli so that this doesn’t scare them later in life,” the experts say.

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