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House Painting: Tips to choose the best house painting colors

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House painting is like getting a makeover that adorns your home. You need it timely according to the changing trends of taste for color and design. It’s bit tough to know where to get started.

This article will show you how to choose house paint colors that will effectively add beauty to your home’s design and style. It highlights the important points of choosing the appropriate colors for various areas of the house. Your home reflects your personality, your way of living and thus by contrasting colors you can give the illusion of your royalty, taste, and your likes. It’s also important to know the difference between exterior house paint and interior house paint, considering differences between both types. It’s also good to know the color effects and contrasting that your point choices will create. You can explore various colors and select according to your taste through virtual online sources and paint websites.

The whole idea of selecting suitable colors for exterior or interior house paint is a little confusing, but we’ll help to explain it here. First is   selecting the color type for interior and exterior paint, like latex based paint or oil based paint, a glossy finish or flat finish etc. Painting contractors will help to give you the best options that suit your needs according to your home, type of wall and different areas of the house. Although the idea of painting yourself is tempting, one should understand that painting is a long term addition to your home. You cannot keep changing it every now and then.

If you are going for exterior house paint, than the paint you choose should suit the weather of your area. No doubt painting contractors will surely take care of this and make suggestions. Factors like external moisture, heat, constant rain and other unfavorable weather conditions cause problems like peeling, chalking, fading etc. While choosing interior house paint you should be concerned about easy removal of stains and washable paint, which keeps it looking alive and fresh.

Even if all these provisions are cared by a professional painter, we are still left with one basic question. Which color to select? The color of the paint is a big part of decorating your home. While choosing colors for interior house painting you should consider the following points.

If your house is comparatively small, pastel shades will make it look spacious because they reflect more light. Pastel paints are suitable if there is a limited source of light, such as a basement or the staircase. Also, basic shades of white or light colors will be fine if you already have a color contrast running through your furniture, curtains, and interior decorations. You may go for diverse colors for different areas like the main hall, reading room, guest room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, living area and so on.

For color lovers there is a wide range of bright color schemes waiting to be explored. Oranges and yellows are known for representing energy and enthusiasm. You can use these bright colors in your children’s room to create an energetic environment. These ideas really work in making of their room look cool. One can also add some creative designs like wall prints or wallpapers to make the rooms more attractive, especially in a hall or spacious bedroom.

If you have a garden then lighter shades of green or brown can be used around your gardening area. Even if you have a few planters or bushes, it will appear to be an abundant garden. For a royal look you can paint your house with very light tint of camel brown color and add maroon interior to highlight the furniture.

If you are going for exterior house paint then again try sticking to basic neutral pastel shades of white, pale yellow etc. Or try going with bold colors and use pastel shades for painting windows, and again a dark shade for the roof top. You should try to blend your house in your surroundings. Get more ideas from vast resources available online.

by: Nick Taylor

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