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Household chore list in november

to do list

Trim tree branches

Tree branches can spread too far to encircle our home. Long branches close to the facade of the home encourage insect infestations and if these branches invade the roof they can cause the accumulation of water and humidity on the roof. Trim branches so they maintain a distance from the house of at least 3 feet.

Service the air conditioning system

It is recommended to clean the AC a couple times a year. Humidity, insects, dirt and impurities from rainwater can accumulate in the AC causing malfunction and decay.

Clean windows to prevent corrosion

Salt is one of the worst enemies for coastal homeowners. Salt and water can corrode the framing on doors and windows. While it is recommended to clean windows often, doing it this season can help prevent damage. Fiberglass has anti-corrosive qualities that make it a perfect substitute for the conventional framing. 

Recover from storm damage

If you have experienced extraordinary weather or a series of storms that caused flooding or excessive exposure to salt water, call a competent removal and reconstruction service. Salt can erode your establishment over time and cause very strong basic problems should it not be professionally cared for.

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