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How to decorate your home in Nordic style for Christmas

Navidad nordica

It seems that the nordic style is here to stay.  Since 2016 that this trend was at its peak until now, it is still one of the favorite trends for designers and families to decorate their homes.

In our opinion, it is because its elements look good with any type of floor. Among its main elements are the following: Functional furniture, natural materials such as wood, and the use of lamps looking for white lighting.

What should pine look like?

Let’s start with the heart of any Christmas decoration, the tree. The Christmas tree does not necessarily have to be the biggest, in fact in matters of plants, the Nordic decoration is very clear, less is more.

It is advisable to get a natural pine tree, but if it is not possible, get a tree that looks as natural as possible. What is really important is that the color of the tree is green, it does not need to be the lushest, nor the tallest, the main thing is to focus on the color of the tree is green.

What colors to use?

The Nordic style has very defined colors, white and gray. Note, not all the decorations should be of these two colors, but it is important that they predominate in your decoration.

Colors that resemble wood are also important to be present. You already know which color should go as a base, the complementary colors depend on the intention you want to give. Small touches of black can be used for a more elegant style, green for a more natural look, or red for a more informal and fun Christmas.


These elements are essential in Nordic decoration. Small and varied elements distributed throughout the house are fundamental for a Nordic decoration.

Some of the main elements are the following:

  • Animal figures
  • Stars
  • Candles
  • Natural Elements


Don’t be afraid to change your Christmas decorations every year. I assure you that when you see the final result you will be more than satisfied.


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