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How to spice up your home with modern bedroom furniture

One of the hottest new trends in interior design is the contemporary style. While you may be weary of redoing your entire home in modern decor, you can spice up your interior mood by investing in some modern bedroom furniture.

Before jumping in and scouring the Internet for modern bedroom furniture, it’s best to understand the basics of contemporary design. The focus is on sleek lines and simple shapes. Intricate details and carvings aren’t part of the contemporary style, so be sure to choose modern bedroom furniture that has simple lines, either gently curved or hard-edged. You’ll find while searching for modern bedroom furniture that the focus will be on clean, smooth, geometric shapes. Contemporary beds and chairs rarely have any fringe, trim, skirt, or tassels. Additionally, chairs and ottomans typically have exposed legs.

When it comes to color, the contemporary style calls for neutrals, black, and white. However, the contemporary style allows for punches of color to balance out the neutrality of the rest of the room. If you are looking for upholstered modern bedroom furniture, choose a fabric that’s neutral, black, or bright and bold. The contemporary style calls for fabrics that have a natural look-check out silk, linen, cotton, and wool upholstered modern bedroom furniture. You can choose any type of finish for your modern bedroom furniture, very light or very dark, depending on your preference.

Keep the following in mind when looking for modern bedroom furniture:

• Stay away from ruffles, intricate carving, floral prints, and other “extras.” Your modern bedroom furniture should be bare, basic, and bold.

• Go for modern bedroom furniture that makes a bold statement within otherwise bare, neutral interiors. Punch up a neutral-colored bedspread with bright and bold pillows, for example.

What are you waiting for? Use your newfound knowledge of the contemporary style and go searching for your modern bedroom furniture!

By: Parker Elixir


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