Interior design influences our behavior and our health; the psychology of space.

Interior design influences our behavior and our health; the psychology of space.
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Human beings build and design their homes based on their needs and tastes. In a certain way, those buildings also “build” and shape us.

We spend most of our lives indoors, about 90%. That means that by age 40 you will have spent about 36 years indoors.

However, not long ago we questioned how these spaces affect our physical and mental well-being.

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Interior design influences our behavior and our health

Environmental psychology or space psychology influences the way we feel, our productivity, our relationship with others, and how we share ourselves, it could also cause effects on our health.

Science writer and journalist Emily Anthes began researching the topic. Her work explores the “ecosystems” that make up our homes and places of teaching and work, as well as how redesigning those spaces could help us improve our quality of life.

All that you need to know about Interior Design

This makes us value the places where we spend most of our time, and question to what extent they satisfy our needs. If possible, find solutions to feel better within the walls that we inhabit or in which we spend most of our day.

The view you have from your window can affect your stress level or your ability to concentrate.

The way your office is laid out can influence the people you interact with at work and your work social networks.

Indoor spaces affect our daily life in many ways and we often overlook them or do not take it sufficiently into account.

The recommendation is to place provide nature to the home.

If you don’t have a view of a natural landscape from your window, you can include more plants. Some studies say that even photographs of plants and natural landscapes have benefits for our health.

Light also has a lot to do with it. It’s best to keep your curtains and blinds open to get the most out of them, particularly in the morning.

If there is a place in the house that receives more morning light, it would be good to start the day or spend a few hours in that part of the house because that exposure to that natural light is very important.

Another tip is to open the windows to let in the fresh air, not only to purify the space but to reduce stress.

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