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Design a house is not an easy task, usually, the trend is focused on a general picture, not on small details.

The focus is on the terrain, the foundation, the plan of the house, and even the style you want to have.

A house is not just about under-construction aspects in general.

For a totally successful project, even the smallest details must be taken into account

These details are the ones that will give that special touch to the home.

One aspect to consider in the details is the quality of the materials and objects with which you will have daily contact.

This influences the comfort and setting that will distinguish the house and give it the personal touch that is sought.


Each place in the house has to have some details that makes a difference, for example:

The main door. The size, weight, and material should be in sync with the overall design of the home.

The kitchen. From the main color to the combination with the cutlery and glassware set.

The rooms. Ornaments and lighting play a very important role as they define harmony.

Bathroom. Mirrors and mosaics are what attracts all the attention when entering this part of the house.

The hall. In this area the general perception that you will have of the whole house is defined, here the aromatic and sensory details will add value.

Outdoors. The garden receives a lot of attention because it is the place that stands out from the harmony of the house decorated with decoration that provides comfort.

Sometimes those little details can make a difference although they may not be noticeable in truth, they change the perspective of the house.

Not only for those who inhabit it but also for those who visit it, get a good impression.

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