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Six Low-Cost Decorating Ideas!

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There are few things that produce greater pleasure than moving to a new house through all the processes that this implies: looking for a house that suits your needs, packing your belongings, which requires dusting off those things that you had stored for lack of space but that now you can use again, as well as get rid of those things that you no longer use or are out of fashion and that you can change for new and more modern ones, but above all, there is one that causes so much delight but can be frustrating if you don’t reach the results expected, the decoration of your home. With a little planning and following this simple but clever ideas, you’ll have the chances to achieve the expected results.

Hang Plates

Plates in unexpected colors make a fresh wall arrangement. Vary hues (within a family), sizes, textures. Put the most dramatic plate toward the center (lay out the plates first to experiment); attach wire plate hangers and hang plates on picture nails.

Wicker accents

Inexpensive wicker that looks as if it belongs outdoors changes the mood of any room. Put chairs in a sunny corner of their own or mix them with your upholstered pieces.

Make Your Own Art

Even photocopied art looks sophisticated when it floats between two pieces of glass in Umbra’s Document Frames. The wall color shows through the glass, creating the illusion of a custom mat.

Go Natural

Use shells and other beach bounty to warm up a kitchen, an entryway, or a stairwell by creating a rustic, relaxed display.

Hang a Gallery of Photos

Mine your albums for your best shots (pick a theme: weddings, birthday parties, vacations) and put them in identical frames. Hang in a tight grid or a long line—you can’t go wrong if you stick to a geometric arrangement.

Stack Your Books

Piled books draw the eye. If shelves aren’t high enough or deep enough to accommodate oversize books, stack them on a flat surface, such as a bench or an end table.

Lastly, I’ll share with you the best idea to decorate your home, it’s all about painting. Painting is the go to option when you want to improve or change the look of any room.

If you wanna learn more about painting, check this post.

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