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The importance of illumination in your home

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Illumination plays an important role in the design and appearance of your home

The illumination setting in your home is essential to make your home a space of its own.

In architecture, each space is used and it is sought to have the greatest exposure to light.

This means that visually a well-lit space highlights its expression, the aesthetics, the environment, but above all the emotions.

Another aspect in favor of taking illumination into account in the design of a house is finding the perfect relationship between the user and the context.

Each design that manages to find the perfect combination between light and space, will enrich the work project.

The ideal illumination would be to let in the natural light of the day, sometimes it is not possible, and will have to resort to artificial lighting.

A good option is to use LED illumination.

Here are some advantages of using this type of lighting:

– Represents significant energy savings, low consumption, and energy
– Low heat emission
– Produces crisp, bright light
– Longer life than traditional bulbs
– Ease of installation
– Savings on the electricity bill
– Light intensity control
– Greater resistance to shocks
– They are ecological
– They produce low light pollution outdoors

Good illumination and knowing how to take advantage of it not only make the home look good. Also brings some health benefits.

It helps to avoid eye fatigue, fatigue, headaches, stress and to avoid domestic accidents.

Sunlight is what regulates the activity of several of the functions of our body, taking into account that our home is where we spend most of our lives.

For a quieter life at home, it is best to make the most of natural light.

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