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The most important measure to protect your home from hurricanes

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Doors and windows are the most vulnerable points in a home during a storm. Covering windows with hurricane shutters or wood greatly reduces the chance of them breaking.

Protecting windows is one of the most important tasks to be done before the arrival of a hurricane, considering that if a window is broken, the rest of the house is exposed to wind, rain, garbage and even projectiles thrown by the gusts. of wind.

Another option is to install impact-resistant glass windows. This is an effective but more expensive option.

The purpose of this harder glass is that when it is impacted, it only crashes but does not break into pieces that can be thrown and hurt a member of the family.

Wood can be useful on some occasions, but this depends on the strength of the storm.

When dealing with storms, wood is a good choice because it is a cheap material and because it can withstand storm winds.

However, wood is not a suitable option if we are trying to protect ourselves from hurricanes.

Hurricane winds have higher speeds. Not only does this mean that they will hit wood with greater force, but they will also be able to lift and throw larger projectiles with a force that wood will not be able to withstand.

Sometimes, people try to protect the windows using tape, which is not recommended. If the glass is taped together, instead of breaking into small pieces, it will break into large pieces that are more of a threat to people inside the house.

If we talk about Hurricane shutters, there are different materials that are used to protect homes.

Aluminum is the most common, the most used because of its affordability. However, in recent years hurricane shutters have come out made of new materials (composed in part of fabric) that are stronger than aluminum and easier to install.

Here, in the Riviera Maya some big Hotels are already using this state-of-the-art technology to protect their buildings and their guests. Vidanta, Fiesta Americana and Westin Hotel & Resorts are examples of these hotels.

Do you want to keep learning about this technology that can protect you from category 5 hurricanes? Visit the Riviera Maya hurricane protection experts

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