The Terraces and the Architecture

The Terraces and the Architecture
April 27, 2021 SocialAmerican

The way we experience spaces has changed according to the activities we carry out and where we carry them out. It is not a secret that housing today is no longer just a place of refuge but also our space for relaxation.

A terrace has become an important place for coexistence, shopping centers, lodging, and food places since thanks to them we can meet in a healthier environment, (exposure to sunlight) since it breaks with the paradigms that they keep a closed environment. It has become a trend as a meeting point, to eat, exercise, study or simply socialize, even as exhibition points in shopping centers and some hotels.


A terrace next to a room allows you to read a book and have a coffee in the morning while the breeze from it surrounds you, a terrace located in the living room allows you to take the coexistence outside with the use of suitable furniture can be a lounge or simply rustic all of the above for outdoor spaces, you can even add a pool or jacuzzi depending on the size of the construction.

Eating before going to work while you allow yourself to do it outdoors and with the recharging of sunlight and oxygenation of the biophilia that surrounds you is a virtue that gives you having your kitchen near a terrace.


Commercial spaces are no longer those spaces that were only to buy – sell and in which we could spend hours under hot covers and high humidity, today commercial spaces have acquired new characteristics, including open spaces, fountains, terraces, islands, etc.

Benefits of the terraces:


The terraces provide a lot of comfort and serenity.


It allows creating a unique and special atmosphere.


It is necessary to know that when there is a terrace in between, we have the idea in mind that it is a better service.


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