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The use of the stone in architecture

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The use of stone in construction and decoration

Since the human being looked for a way to find refuge in prehistoric caves, this material became a symbol of home and protection.

The stone has also served as a connection between the human and the divine. As an example, we have the Stonehenge site, which was also built to transcend time and be a link between generations.

The pyramids are also an example of how the stone has been a material that represents a lot in the history of construction.

With the passage of time and new technologies, the stone was an element that would be easier to transport and later become a fundamental part of modern architecture as decoration.

Implementing stone in an architectural project not only enhances the view of the place but also creates the feeling of being connected with our past and with nature.

Nowadays, the stone is used to decorate walls or to highlight details within a home.

Thanks to the improvement in handling and ease of handling the stone, despite being a hard material, has been implemented in facades to highlight the view.

Technological advancement has allowed ultra-thin stone panels to be designed with the same strength and nature as natural stone.

There are many ways to use stones, whether natural or artificial in decoration, their use is not limited, you just have to propose and design the space where you want to place them, without abusing them and without saturating the space.

Combining them with other materials such as glass will create unique spaces, although there are many more combinations, such as steel, cement, always looking for the smooth and polished finish that gives it balance and accompanies it to make it stand out.

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