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Tips you need to know for a sustainable kitchen

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Caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility. At Playa Builder, we are very aware of this and that’s why we want to give you these tips you need to know for a sustainable kitchen. Although they may seem like small details that could not mean much, if we all put a grain of sand, the impact will be greater.

The kitchen is a good place to start transforming your home into an Eco-friendly house.

Cloth Bags

Having a cloth bag is a must for everyone, most of us use it only when we go to the supermarket. Our advice is to carry one with you all the time. Many times we make unexpected purchases and we don’t have a place to store things or even worse we get a plastic bag.

Make cloth bags your unconditional companion and help to take care of the environment.

Here are some facts that will convince you that cloth bags are extremely important for the environment.

  • One cloth bag equals 1,000 less plastic bags.
  • Plastic bags can have different uses and are more resistant than plastic bags.
  • You help to make other people aware! Unconsciously people will start to think about the use of these bags when they see you walking with your cloth bag on your shoulder.
Eco-friendly bags
Shopping Green

Plastic-Free Kitchen

Nowadays, there are many alternatives to plastic utensils on the market. Among the alternatives that you can find is the use of wooden utensils, baskets made of natural fibers.

You can also choose to use glass or ceramic containers to store your food.

Plastic containers are porous so they can store odors and flavors from other foods that have been stored in them. Glass, not being a porous material, protects the flavor of the food you store in them.

Glass containers


Organic cleaning products

We are aware that in the last 2 years the pandemic issue has made surface cleaning vital in our home. But we can gradually switch from traditional cleaning products to organic products.

You can either make your own or go to an organic store where you can find a wide variety of options.

You can also make your own at home, you only need a spray bottle, water, oil-based soap, and a few drops of essences like lavender or Romero.

Make your own cleaning products 

Responsible consumption

A very easy way to make responsible consumption is to buy from local producers. Buying from local producers guarantees that the product does not travel long distances and is therefore environmentally friendly.

Research the nearest flea market and support your local producers and at the same time take care of the environment.

Flea Market


These actions, even if they seem small, help the environment a lot. You will see that a sustainable kitchen will save you some money and hopefully you will motivate your friend to join you on this eco journey.





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