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Tips to keep your home cool during hot days

hot days

Some days during the summer, the sun is too strong a presence to bear and turning on the air conditioning at home seems to be the option to go, then remember the energy bill for the next quarter.

Here is a list of tips that will keep you and your home cool while saving money.

1. Close all the blinds

Keep your blinds closed to significantly cool down your home. If possible, invest in blackout curtains to keep the summer sun’s rays out of your home.

2. Check ceiling fans for proper operation

If you feel like ceiling fans aren’t helping to cool your home, like they’re pushing hot air around and not cooling it, that may be exactly what’s going on. Ceiling fans spin counterclockwise to push cool air down

3. Use a homemade air-con

Placing a plate of ice in front of the fan can be a simple but effective idea to replace an air conditioner. Placing a shallow bowl of ice in front of the fan will create a perfect icy breeze to cool you down.

4. Wear cotton

Cotton is a light fabric that allows the body to breathe and therefore helps cool you down. Use cotton for clothing and bedding.

5. Change your light bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs can be the cause of heat inside your home. Replace common yellow light bulbs with LED types that do not generate heat and help save energy.

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