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Trends in beach house construction

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Stepped terraces

The facades are the center of their environment, therefore, they must have the best composition that can be given, because it will be very difficult to vary their initial configuration. One of the best trends in facade construction is stepped terraces because they do not fail to look modern and attractive.

In addition, this style helps to give a sense of movement to the houses. Through the open spaces that are created on the terraces, you can enjoy the good weather and the surroundings. This is one of the best construction solutions for beach or country houses.

Uncovered kitchens

In beach houses, kitchens are a place that must be given importance during design and construction. The reason for this is that recreational houses are often the gathering place for friends and family.

Therefore, it is necessary for the kitchen to be a practical space, but without forgetting that it has a social purpose. This conception has led to the trend of making open kitchens, very similar to calving areas, but more complete.

Big windows

Although it is a classic, the glass may no longer be considered one of the trends in the construction of beach houses. This material allows the full potential of the sun and natural light to be harnessed. In addition, the views of the sea are to be enjoyed and it would be a terrible waste to build opaque walls.


Once the sun sinks into the waters of the sea, it is time to show off the house through artificial lighting. The point of installing finishes like external lights are not glitz. On the contrary, the exhibition is intended to please the visitors or inhabitants of the house itself.

Wood and natural materials

Another trend in the construction of beach houses is wood. This material resists the sun’s rays very well and keeps the sense of harmony and the spirit of the sea. Other natural materials, such as wicker chairs, also look very good in this type of construction.

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