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Very Mexican Architecture styles for your home


We give you here some ideas to give a Mexican architecture touch to the design of your house.

Mexican architecture is based on pre-Hispanic culture, especially the pyramids, and also in a very colonial style.

This is due to its structural richness, functionality, and aesthetics.

The ancient civilizations managed to have an advanced vision of the urban proportion made perfect lines of complete cities.

One of the main materials used to create the constructions was stone, as well as wood, reed, and adobe.

The structure of a pyramid has a symmetrical square base with wide stairs to access the highest part of the pyramid. Sometimes decorated with monolithic sculptures and stone carvings.

Colonial architecture from Europe and adapted with ancestral knowledge about building adaptation to the climate, and aesthetic trends.

Modern construction materials currently use such as steel, concrete, aluminum, and glass are.

But if you want to give that Mexican touch with traditional materials, you can use mud-brick, wood, stone, and even adobe that have been implemented in modern constructions.

The combination of high and low elements, with intense and colorful textures. It is not only about the form, or functionality, each architectural piece must be lived, used, and inhabited.

Another aspect to highlight is the religious influence, decorations, and domes frequently included in construction projects.

In addition to the structure that the house will have, it is important to design a patio that is similar to the house. Corridors connected to the rooms are a characteristic of Mexican architecture that provides protection from the sun and rain.

Knowing how to take advantage of spaces and combine colors is a characteristic that visually favors each project.

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