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Where to Build in Riviera Maya? An Express Guide

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Since the Mexican government allows foreign people to buy property in Mexico, the real estate industry has exploded in such a way that has even affected the timeshare business. 

And although there are many condos available, there is nothing like building your own house. Whether you choose to live or rent your property, this is a very smart investment: You can build a completely original house and be the owner of everything, even the land. 

Let’s start with the first step: choose the ideal piece of land.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room … oceanfront properties. We are going to be honest, it is almost impossible to find land in front of the sea. Hotels and condos have monopolized most of the beaches, especially Playa del Carmen. But there are still some options available if you are willing to move further down south in places like Mahahual. Just consider that the price will be much higher.

Even so, many people do not love the idea of ​​living in front of the sea. Yes, the view can be very impressive but much more maintenance is required, they are more vulnerable in hurricanes and the beach will always be public property, there are no private beaches in Mexico. 

So … what options do I have? 

Playacar: Right in the heart of Playa del Carmen

Playacar is a private area located in the southern area of ​​Playa del Carmen. It has long been the most attractive area to build a house. It has many amenities such as beach club, golf courses and tennis courts. It is a very well connected area, has quick access to Playa’s downtown, shopping centers, hospitals and the main highway. 

It currently has 2 phases and it is still possible to find some lots available to build houses. Of course, land lots with higher prices are found here but they are also the properties with the best return on investment for both rents and re-sales. 

Mayakoba, Bambu, Playa Magna: New, Reasonable and Close to the Action

Other younger alternatives are developments in Playa del Carmen such as Bambú, located at the southern exit. There is also Mayakoba and Playa Magna north of the city. These are projects with many available lots, plenty of green areas and enough amenities.

It is still possible to get lots directly with the developer! Invest now and you will be in a privileged position, did you know that Playa del Carmen is the fastest growing city in Mexico? This is an excellent investment that will ensure an excellent ROI in the future.

Aldea Umm, Bahia Principe: Peace and Privacy

Now, if you want a house that offers solitude and harmony there are places like Bahia Principe on the road to Tulum and Aldea Umm on the way to Cancun. But do not think that you will be completely disconnected and isolated. These communities are just a few minutes away by car from the most important cities as well as tourist attractions.

Reasonable prices and direct deal with the developer. You will not be far from the most private beaches available! 

Puerto Aventuras: Ideal for Boat Enthusiasts 

You may have heard of Puerto Aventuras, it is a community with a marina a few minutes away from Playa del Carmen. Like Playacar, most lots are re-sales, but if your mind is set in this place, you can surely find something. 

Tulum: The Award-Winning Destination in the Caribbean

Tulum, possibly the most attractive tourist destination in Mexico and of course it is now attracting many real estate investors. We can say with certainty that Aldea Zama is the most flashy option, it is located between the center of the town and the beach… just think about the potential ROI. 

But other more discrete developments have been appearing lately with lots of good size, especially in the area known as “La Veleta”. 

Just keep in mind that building in Tulum requires special permits and specifications, the government is taking great care of the city’s eco-friendly status to affect the environment as little as possible. Playabuilder has the necessary experience to carry out construction anywhere in the Riviera Maya, contact us for more information.

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